1League.com & LeftOverCake.com Presents…. Darnell Little’s A Sheltered Man’s Diary (Tracklist)

1. The Preface/ Shy & Awkard (Prod. Flying Lotus)

2. Born & Raised (Prod. Thelonious Martin)

3. Leaving The Nest (Prod. Thelonious Martin)

4. The Lady In The Red (Prod. Flying Lotus)

5. The Other Half (The Beauty Of Sewell)/The End…. (ft. John Mayer) (Prod. Darnell Little & Thelonious Martin)

6. On My Own…. (Prod. Madlib)

7. The Odyssey (Ride) (Prod. Freddie Joachim)

8. Black Faced Pawn (Prod. Mute)

9. Heirlooms (ft. Has-Lo) (Prod. Apollo Brown)

10. Crickets (Prod. Tokimonsta)

11. C-Notes (Wolf In Sheep Clothing) (Prod. Fel Sweetenberg)

12. Thoughts of the Sudicial (Prod. Elaquent)

13. Born Again Slave (Prod. 14KT)


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The story behind “The Beauty Of Sewell (The Other Half)”


"The Beauty Of Sewell (The Other Half) (Ft. John Mayer)" is the 2nd single off my upcoming project "The Allegory of Darnell Little".

The song tells the story of a man whose fighting to keep the love of his life, but doesn’t want to accept the realization that they might not be meant for each other. The inspiration behind the song comes from the John Mayer song “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” and from a person that I have known for 6 months in my life, who became a close friend and supported me through my highs and my lows.

The first verse in the song talks about the love and the appreciation he has for her. He reminisces about the time they spent together and talks about the heartbreak he felt when they drifted apart.

The second verse talks about the differences he and her had throughout their relationship. He questions his confidence, he confronts the similarities he and her ex lover has and he has to face the reality that he and her might not be meant for each other

Lastly, in the final verse, he reiterate the times that they shared and the highs and the lows of their relationship. He’s hurt that they aren’t together, but he accepts it and he wants to improve his self for the time being.

The moral of the song is that if you really love a person, even through the differences and the rough times that you both shared, you shouldn’t give up on each other. But, will the main character of the song, get the love of his life back? I think faith will reunite him and his love……

Stay Tuned……

-Darnell Little

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The Cover Art For My 2nd Single “The Beauty Of Sewell (The Other Half)”

Coming 3-20-13


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Our ancestry was more supportive than this ignorant nation

[Christian leaders, stand on our soil and claim: “gay marriage” has never occurred here. Over 130 tribes in every region of North America performed millions of same-sex marriages for hundreds of years. Their statements are both hateful and ignorant. Your “homosexual”, was our “Two Spirit” people… and we considered them sacred]

Darnell Little - The Farmer’s Market (Prod. Fel Sweetenberg) ft. Tupac. Malcom X, & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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R.I.P. J-Dilla


My little brother, AtomxAnt (x) check him out…

“‎”The only people who can change the perception of the black race is US.”” — Atom Ant

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